Energy Healing Sessions can open the door to the answers that you seek! A renewal of peacefulness and calmesss as you become more balanced and centered in your life. 

What is required of you? A willingness to work on yourself  and to be open to the results of energy healing. Being hydrated with water helps if we are doing muscle testing during our session. 

What to Expect? Your personal relationships will grow and evolve and you will become the person you always knew you wanted to be. 

Kindness and gratitude will grow in your life increasing your abilities to achieve wellness of the mind, body and spirit. 

Amazing things happen to you and to your life when you are able to fully forgive and release anger, resentments, regrets and more. 

What about the session? We will discuss your goals and decide which option is best for you; if that has not already been pre-arranged.

Some topics or questions you could ask yourself are:

  • Do you know your blocks in your life? 
  • Do you just feel stuck, in a rut with no direction?
  • Do you have negative repeating patterns that keep popping up? 
  • Do you hear negative self talk? 
  • Do you suffer from extreme emotions, moods and you just want to get control of your emotions, feelings and life? 
  • Do you have a desire and longing to connect and have a relationship with God, Creator, Source?

Yes, each of these can be addressed and healed by the practitioner. The practitioner will also work in a theta brain wave to discover which key beliefs are holding your key physical and emotional issues in place and where. We may also use a method called digging, we will dive in to uncover the core, root belief and by muscle testing we can determine the bottom belief and then we can finally release it and transform the original problem. This process can create miracles as I have seen with my own eyes. 

I come prepared to serveI take immense pride in eating properly, taking my vitamins and supplements along with a regular meditation practice. I use many forms of meditation and find benefits in them all. Then I pray. 

The amount of energy it takes to do this work is enormous and I must pace myself and my clients in the healing process. We will cover as much as possible in each session and they are each done individuality and on its own.

Every single shift is a miracle and change will follow!

I pray that your healing process continues with ease and grace and that you will always have perfect health of the mind, body and spirit.

Pam Jackson

Current pricing:

Skype/Phone Session $100
3 prepaid Skype, phone sessions Reg $300         Now $240

Private In-Person Sessions:
1 hour $125
1 1/2 hour $150

outcall additional +$20

Prepaid Packages:
3 Skype, phone sessions Reg $300 Now $240
3  Private Sessions  Reg $375 Now $285

Deposit required and Balance due on the first day of seminar. Deposit required to hold your space. 

Meetup Workshops:
The workshop vary in fees and most workshops are in the range of $20-$44.  Workshops are scheduled for group events in the evenings or the weekends where the most people have time off from work.

You will find my events on my meetup page, click on the image below to be inspired. 


Services Include:

Thetahealing & Thetahealing Belief Work

Access Consciousness® Bars

Hypnosis Regression Session

EFT, Energy Tapping Technique

Reiki & Energy Healing 

Attunements, Downloads and Activations
Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing

Spiritual, Life & Law of Attraction Coaching

Intuitive Readings
Angel, Akashic, Intuitive Medium Readings
Future & Past Life & Soul Mate Readings

Thetahealing® Seminars, Classes & Workshops

Access Bars® Classes & Workshops

Energy Healing Workshops, Events & Shares

Energetic & Spiritual Cleansing & Clearings

Appointments are scheduled by phone, Skype or In-person. 

Email to schedule your appointed time to heal, change and grow. 

Remember to be hydrated, drink water!

Prepay & schedule your 60 minute skype session 
only $100

Prepay & schedule your 60 minute private session
only $125