Hypnosis is a great way to instill positive life-enhancing imagery for our subconscious to act upon and create as a reality. 

Hypnosis incorporates relaxation and the use of imagination!

Much of my experiences have stemmed around past lives events to resolve current life issues and problems. 

Pamela Jackson Certified Hypnotist 2000

What to Expect?

You will be guided into a relax state by Pamela Jackson a certified hypnotist. Once you are in this very relax stage your consciousness mind steps aside and this enables you to create a dialog with your unconsciousness mind, the higher self or the higher consciousness.

Once you are in this very relaxed hypnosis session you  some of you will be able to see, move and even talk when asked to do so.  

We will have already discussed your topics and questions prior to the guided hypnosis meditation and those questions will be used as a guideline for the conversations that your higher self and Pam will conduct. 

Does it work for everyone?

Some people go very deep with the first attempt and some do not. No matter you will become very relaxed in this process and with guidance and patience you can go as deep as you want to go. 

What is involved in the session?

You will guided to explore when was the last time...what did I learn from this experience...who was I...can I release this pattern now...can I heal from this pattern now...

Through this process our history can be accessed, our karma can be understood and replaced while initiation an alchemical process in the body.

Using our imagination through hypnosis is a useful and powerful way to engage all of the senses to initiate change!

Did you know that you can bring about your own healing through your unconscious mind!

Contact us today to schedule you Hypnosis Meditation Session at info@pam-jackson.com or send me a text for a follow up text/call to 214-457-3434.


Pamela Jackson is a certified Hypnotist who started her hypnosis journey 17 years ago. She is a spiritual coach and her practice centers around healing, self-healing using the power of the subconscious mind and integrating all aspects of our soul into the healing  journey process. 

Pamela uses hypnosis as a tool of exploration of past life or lives. 

Pamela is not a physician or a doctor of any kind and is not licensed to give any mental advise or diagnose any diseases that you may be dealing with. She asks that you stay aware of your own personal choices that may effect your health in way and any concerns you are guided to call 911 or your physician for any medical attention.