Energy Healing

Pam is a natural intuitive energy healer and has always believed she had a gift of healing hands.

It was her journey with Reiki that began to bring back her memories and her gifts as a healer and now she uses her own spiritual energy healing techniques to align and balance her clients in all levels of their lives. 

Pamela does believe that Reiki found her! She may have needed reiki but she never even heard of reiki until 2010 when the universe opened the door and revealed a whole new world and understanding to herself, her life and her world. 

Pam also dedicated 2 years of studies to the Akashic Records and brings her own unique take on the records along with messages and healing every time we visit our records. 

Pam now goes through the creator of all that is in all of her spiritual work and uses energy healing, sound healing and theta healing techniques to achieve maximum results. 

Pam has studied in depth and is certified as a traditional Usui Teate Reiki Master and is an Holographic Sound Healer.  

Pam is also attuned to the Munay-Ki Shaman rites of passage and is an advanced Akashic Record Intuitive Reader. 

Pam offers many spiritual self help courses and private energy healing sessions. Contact her today! or call/text 214-457-3434