In the beginning, there was the word.

Word is sound vibration. 

Sound is the vibration of creation and everything is vibration.

Our reality is composed of sound vibration into physical form. Our bodies are a symphony of sound including our skin, bones and blood all vibrating at different rates. 

Sound and music have the ability to move you, as well as change your consciousness.

Holographic sound is a method of using multi-dimensionally for healing, balancing and integrating on all levels of the Mind, Body & Spirit.  Holographic sound is created when pure, specific intent and spiritually inspired techniques are used to tap into the infinite, creative and expansive energy of sound. 

Mystic Pam has always had a soul for sound and loved beautiful sounds and music. Once she began this healing journey she was introduced to the power of sound in sessions she attended. She met one sound healer after another until she finally became apart of the sound healing community. She has discovered the true magically and mystical power of sound and toning. She applies these to all areas of her life and her sessions. 

Mystic Pam is a certified sound healer, she began her sound healing in theta healing and  continued her studies in holographic sound healing with Paul Hubbert, Ph.D.