What is the Matrix Transformation?

Mystic Pam brings you a transformational technique that was given to her by her spirit guides while she was in her studies in the Akashic, Theta healing and Reiki. She had asked her guides if she could help transform others suffering quickly, deeply and completely and they said yes. They taught her and guided her as she continued her teachings, her lessons and her journey. 

All of her previous lessons seem to combine as she begin to go deeper into the DNA and Akashic teachings. Until she was begin to gain clarity and understanding, then the real work began. She took it to the public and tested the technique and offered free healing as she continue to create this new healing technique. 

The testimonials where amazing but she held back her excitement because she did not want another placebo polar opposite type of effect. She genuinely understands the suffering of others and wants it to end, always feeling we deserve more love not less. 

Mystic Pam is able to energetically tap into your matrix and work with the topic of your most concern and go through hundreds of programs, beliefs, feelings and emotions. As she works in this field of consciousness she is able to transform not only the programs and beliefs but working on my levels on a soul level. Once your matrix field is cleared, she then refills it with love and above before integrating this on many levels. She is able to communicate to you any information as she works at this level of energy healing.  

We look forward for your transformation and experience with the Matrix Transformation Technique. Contact us today to schedule your session. 

Matrix Transformation Session