Theta DNA Intuitive Anatomy

I am a Medical Intuitive and experienced Thetahealer DNA Intuitive Anatomy practitioner. 

Thetahealing belief work can shift your life and perspective on just about any topic you consider a blockage or limiting belief. Thetahealing brings in the creators downloads and activations to help us clear resentments, regrets and rejections on a genetic, core, history and soul level.

I have more than 6 years experience with ThetaHealing and 17 years with hypnosis. I find this technique quite amazing. 

 January 2017 Special
$55.00 for 45 minutes

Sessions are via phone or Skype

Divine Matrix Transformation

As a  claircognizance and a claircognizance I asked my spirit guides for a healing modality and technique that would create instant shifts and changes on a topic for my clients.

This process is very simple. I guide you to focus on your problem while I tap into your energy matrix and physically and mentally go through a list of negative feelings and emotions that maybe attached to your topic. As I do this I am clearing all charges to that topic until it is no longer a concern for you. It simply changes!

I have hundreds of testimonials for this amazing technique and all are via phone or skype. The process  has been tested with amazing results over and over. 

January 2017 Special
$55.00/45 minutes online distant reading

Sessions are via phone or Skype

Sound Healing

Sound healing turns out is quiet healing. Sound healing has been around for thousands of years as a tool for healing.

Sounds helps facilitate shifts in our brainwaves. A sound healing session may include vocals and instruments such as quartz crystal bowls, drums, tuning forks and singing bowls. The experience is quiet relaxing.

Toning and sound is pretty amazing in shifting your  topic and helps put you in a meditative state. 
January 2017 Special
$55.00/45 minutes online distant session

Sessions are via phone or Skype
EFT, Tapping Technique

EFT, the tapping technique can absolutely be life changing. 

Are you having problems with the correct phase or wording or just prefer to work with a EFT, tapping specialist. 

I have more than 17 years experience and knowledge of the workings of tapping to release stress, anxiety and cravings.

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January 2017 Special
$55.00/45 minute on line session

Sessions are via phone or Skype

Akashic Records Reading

Do you believe that a past life could be effecting you or your choices today?  Do you have questions about past lives? Questions for your spirit guides or teachers? Would you like to gain some clarity and healing on a topic that concerns you? Reviewing past lives can bring clarity and even peace in your current life. 

I have discovered just by opening your records that we are putting light on a topic and it creates an automatic transformation. 

January 2017 Special
$55.00/45 minutes online distant reading

Sessions are via phone or Skype


Hi my name is Pam Jackson and I am a Certified Spirit Guide Coach, Law of Attraction Coach and a Professional Life Coach. 

I am a natural intuitive and healer; I have always known things that until recently was not even believed or even understood.

Today I hold many certifications of training and I have attended many soul searching events on my own sacred soul journey. 

I have used these trainings to coach groups of women in workshops since early 2000 by using my intuition and training for tips to help manage some of lifes stresses.  

If you have questions please feel free to email me at

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The name is inspired by my childhood nickname and will include some the things that I use in my practice and in my daily life. 

You will find candles, soaps, crystals, sage, incense, jewelry, mystical items and more. 






My intention is to share my knowing with integrity, honesty and authenticity. To help you find your own spiritual connection, to live a more balanced, heart centered way of life. ~ Pam Jackson


Disclaimers and Disclosures: 

Pamela Jackson is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose conditions. Pamela is trained in and hold many certifications in multiple complimentary and spiritual healing techniques. What is communicated during sessions are only suggestions. These suggestions do not take the place of treatment of a medical professional. 


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